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Sometimes you need to hand your phone to someone else
to show photos and you want to make sure only your
selected photos can be seen. For this situations use
Picsen, it's simple and fast, open the app, select the
photos and Picsen will show only selected photos.
Magnification Gesture
Allows pinch to zoom
Drag Gesture
Allows to drag the image across the screen when zoomed 
(hold your finger on screen and move up or down then in any direction)
Double Tap Gesture
Double tap to zoom in 5x and will reset to normal size 
Turned off screen lock
The screen will stay on all the time when Picsen is open
Black background
Black background is for comfortable viewing
Single Image Option
Single image option is for fast selecting one image
Lock Screen on Exit 
The screen may be locked on exit of Picsen for more Privacy. Requires Shortcuts app to function, follow step by step instructions to enable it. 
Subscription Required Options
Single Video Player
4K 30 fps HDR, 4K 60 fps (HDR) videos take some time to load 
Fast Switching Home Button
Double Tapping on flower will switch between single and multiple image selection modes
Long Pressing on flower will switch between Single Video and Single Image selection modes
Picsen v1.6